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THE CORPORATE VIDEO WAVE IS COMING FAST.... will your business be ready?

Businesses in large cities such as Toronto and Montreal have been pushing products and services using professional produced videos for the past several years. WHY? because it works greatly.

If you are located in a smaller city or town, does this mean you don't need to invest in this type of advertising?

News for you....... it would be a very smart idea to suite up with a small team of professionals as soon as you can, before they get taken by your competition.

THIS IS THE WAY and the direction advertising is moving.

Our suggestion to small or medium size businesses who have been posting cell phone pics and videos. Invest in a professional with professional gear, editing suits, voice over recording facilities and licensed music.


80 percent more attraction to video than just a still picture or audio.

Radio ads do still work for many, depending on what your service or product is. When you give your clients a visual, they WANT more.

It is first come, first served in the video industry. The best production crews will quickly become booked by their repeating clients. If your business decides to sit back and use other ways to advertise, you may find it difficult to get a quality production out to your clients.

INSTAGRAM is huge! It is a free way to keep in touch, sell, notify and friend possible future clients. Directly!

In fact, you can pretty much select who you wish to have as your target audience.

Use your product videos on Instagram as much as possible, but remember to update them often.

GOOGLE is searching constantly for new video content posts, even more than still photos or blogs.

If you sell food, cars, houses or clothes, you NEED to start posting with professionally produced video content. There will be a dramatic improvement to your product or service almost immediately.


Simply NO! There are professional producers that are more than willing to create package deals for repeat clients. The cost of final edited product in a 30 second ad for local TV is a hell of a lot more than what you would spend on your own production crew.

You can then post that product to wherever you wish, whenever you wish. You are in control of your target audience. If you post to Instagram or Facebook, you also can control the frequency of your ad.

If your clients see incredible quality in your ads, they are more willing to believe that you are running a professional, well maintained business with a decent reputation.

Well produced videos for Instagram or youtube sells.

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