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Is It Worth The Money To Hire A Videographer for our Wedding?

A common question between most brides......

A simple answer to this question is YES. If you are able to afford a professional, then hire one and you will not regret it.

Many years down the road, you will appreciate your decision over and over again.

Photos are fantastic to view and share among friends, but reliving these moments with sound and motion leaves us a much more vivid memory and experience.

When relatives step up to a mic and say a few meaningful words to the bride and groom, they generally mean it from the heart. They have spent time creating and rehearsing that little speech just for you and your important guests.

Sometimes these speeches carry emotions that can not be felt in a still photo.

When members of our family or friends one day pass on, you can take a few moments to relive the tone in a voice, the meaning behind that speech and the personality they have painted into your life.

A great idea that our company offers is a video blog from your guests.

Sometimes funny, sometime serious and often times from the heart....... this is a moment that captures the emotions of your guests that didn't have an opportunity earlier to use a microphone.

Most couples view this segment over and over again.

On Your Wedding Day....

There will be tears, there will be hugs, kisses and laughter ...... let it all shine in a recorder video.

We have never once met a Bride and Groom that regret the investment of a professional video.

Once in a while we hear of future brides turning down video services as an option...... but that is usually because they can not fit it into a budget.

Do not let anyone convince you that video is a waste of money. Especially if that person has never hired a video service for themselves.

If you have any questions about videography, contact us. We would love to answer them using our professional knowledge and experience.

We wish you the best in your wedding planning journey!

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