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Choose Your Wedding DJ With Care

Take the time to choose your wedding DJ. This is your special day, but remember that your guests are here to party with you. This portion of your day is just as much for them as it is you and your partner.

If your guest have a fantastic time, they will remember your wedding well. If they have just an o.k. night, they will not remember it for long. The party is the longest part and the last part of your event.

Your guests won't remember or care to comment on how spectacular the rented table cloths were and what a chosen design it was! They won't remember how incredible your limo ride was or the colours of the flowers on the church benches.

They WILL remember great food, great reception and great music. When you are choosing your entertainment, adjust your budget to reflect what people will remember and what will be in the photos.

Your DJ should play requests. NOT ALL requests. He should know when and where to place those requests. Talking on the mic can be a good thing, if he knows what to say and how to say it. Professional DJs have back up equipment or know ways of solving problems if they were to ever happen.

Be aware, that your DJ is now required by LAW, to be playing only AVLA licensed music or videos.

Presentation of your DJ is also important. His appearance should be neat and proper to your style of event.

Drinking on the job, does not show well for a professional.

A great DJ will have his equipment set up, tested and ready to go hours before any guests come to your reception.

BRIDES and GROOMS.....please remember, your DJ SHOULD be playing for you and your guests, NOT FOR HIMSELF.

These are just a few important things to look for in a professional quality DJ service. Hints from London Ontario Wedding DJ D Man Productions.

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